As near as anyone can remember, it began in 1862. That was the year that Frontier Wagon Parts was started in Biglie, Wyoming. See, with roads being what they were back then, wagons had a heck of a time staying in one piece. Course, not all the pieces and parts of a wagon went bad at the same time. So there you were with whole wagons being burned outside of town, even though there was still a heap of good parts available on them.

Frontier started that year in order to provide quality, well-sanded, and well-greased wagon parts to anyone who needed 'em. The small band of "gentlemen" involved in Frontier that year were affectionately known by the townspeople of Biglie as "The Frontier Boys." The new wagon dealers didn't take too kindly to the boys keeping folks from buying new wagons ervery year or so and you can bet they did what they could to scare the boys off.

Even so, them boys would do just about anything they could to find a good part for their customers. Lookin' for parts was part of the job, danger be danged.

"If'n a customer wants a part, I'm gonna do my darndest to locate it fer 'em." CW was fond of saying. Shoot, them boys was always ready and willing to wrassle a part, big and small, for a customer. You shoulda seen the boys go at them combustion engines when them things first started showin' up round town. Rumor has it that VW was the first to tame one of them doggies. As one resident of Biglie recalls, "That VW, just kept riding and shouting "Yeehaw! Welcome to Frontier!"

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